giovedì, dicembre 20, 2007

STATISTICS: Castrianism declines, Babalu follows, Baracutey growing

As usual, i don't care, is fun just to see how stats can be wrong: CASTRIANISM don't lead nothing, Babalu is a great blog, and i IMMENSELY LOVE the work of BARACUTEY...

To give a parameter, the highest DayTrafficRecord (5 november) was 16,800 pages served, with 13,000 unique visitors, while today (20 of dec 2007) is 2,595 pages served, with 1,385 uniques visitors.
The whole count starting from the 1st of october was more than 400,000 visitors, with 635,000 pages served, while the whole year counts just 500,000 visits and 749,000 pages served.


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