venerdì, settembre 08, 2006

Cuba after Castro Prospects and Possibilities - GEES

La tranquilla indifferenza delle superpotenze.
L'unico accenno al popolo cubano che soffre e' in una frasetta:
ordinary Cubans expect some sort of change after Fidel Castro leaves the scene

Per il resto un eccellente articolo
GEES - Cuba after Castro Prospects and Possibilities:

This unspoken agenda probably puts any administration including this one implicitly at odds with elements of the Cuban exile community who evidently place regime change at the top of its list of priorities. In effect, at the center of U.S. policy is a deep contradiction--a desire for a political transformation in Cuba towards something more or less resembling Costa Rica, Chile or Uruguay, but an even greater fear of disorder. Under such circumstances immobility is the normal prescription."