martedì, giugno 08, 2010

A new definition for paganism - en Venezuela News andViews

This image of Chavez this Sunday is offensive on so different levels that treatises could be written on it. And I am not a believer, Roman Catholic or not

Oh Dear Lord!

Chavez has absolutely no shame. After all his cursing against the Catholic church for a decade, what he is doing there would make Henry the VIII blush. As we say en Venezuela "no fue conmigo y me dolio".

I am not going to comment about the priest. I suppose all sinners deserve salvation, even pederast priests I suppose.

Even there sycophancy has no limits: observe that the picture shows the whole scene but the TV screens behind focus on Chavez face. By the way, this one did not even have the decency to remove his earphone...

If any chavista is swayed/comforted by this image, then there is no moral whatsoever in that side of the country...

If you had any doubt that Chaevz woudl do anything, ANYTHING, to win in September, there you have the evidence. Good thing that ridicule does not kill, by the way: this is not even a provocation, even if highly offensive.

Hat tip JC who as a believer must be even more offended as I am. And I am, a lot.