mercoledì, novembre 29, 2006

Cubans slavery en Curacao - The Real Cuba

The Real Cuba: "For those who didn't watch 'A mano limpia last night'

Adalberto Rodriguez, Fernando Alonso and Luis Casanova, the three Cubans who were able to escape from a forced labor camp at the Curacao Drydock Company Inc. and are now suing that company in US courts for conspiring with the Castro regime to exploit them and hundreds of other Cuban workers, were guests last night of 'A mano limpia' with Dominican journalist Oscar Haza, on Channel 41 America Te Ve.

I posted the link to watch the program on the Internet last night. For those who missed it, here is a summary of what they said:

The reason why approximately 100 Cubans are working at the Curacao Drydock Company Inc. is that some time ago the company did some work for ships of Cuba's merchant marine and the Castro regime never paid the bill. When Curacao Drydock demanded payment, Castro offered to send Cuban slaves to work there instead. The Cubans work an average of 16 hours per day; have to do the work that the other workers don't want to do; sleep on hammocks at the same shipyard where they work; sometimes they have to work for 30 days without a day off; and on top of that, after ending their 16 hour shifts, they are forced to watch videos with speeches of the Cuban dictator.

The Cuban workers told Haza how they had to hide in Curacao for up to three months where they were helped by a Haitian coworker and several Cuban exiles who live there. When they went from Curacao to Venezuela, the National Guard stopped them and when they realized that they were Cubans trying to flee the Castro regime they asked for all the money they had in order to allow them to proceed to Colombia. They were set free after paying the bribe.

From Colombia they were finally able to reach the US.

One of the workers related how he was ordered by his Curacao Drydock supervisor to enter a gas tank that had not been completely cleared of all the fumes. When he complained that it was unsafe and inhuman to force him to work there, the supe"