martedì, ottobre 31, 2006

Kominternos, Chaburger and Asphalt Jungle

Very good.
ok, it's clear that there is a red alliance at work, a latinoamerica branch (KOMINTERNOS).
They sell a popupusocialism with communinnerconnected roots, whatever this can signify.

Castro franchised and packaged the "organisational aspects" for implanting a "revolucionary" form of governement, based on infiltration and controltake, aimed to gain the elections under the "ethnic skin" more appropriated: forajidos, cocaleros, zapatistas, humalistas, orteguista, are a network of colligated groups, financed by brasil, venezuela with cuba as oprational branch.

The problem is that the ALTERNATIVE to this SOCIALBURGUER is an ASPHALT JUNGLE.

The usa model, or the european model are probably inadecuate for latinoamerica, where anyone need to be a "PAPI" "ABUELO" "COMANDANTE" "PERON" "BOLIVAR" to lead a nation.

For that, the CHAVOBURGUER is the only "organic project", the only "new" proposal on the market.

Chavez overpassed the critical masse, and his impact is now continental.
He called for islam, and he got-it.

What it means?

And what is the force that can break this project?

The answer, to me, is ....CUBA!