venerdì, novembre 23, 2007

Castrianism: leader of the Cuban Blogs?

I read the Camilo's post HERE, and i didn't care too much not being listed, because i'm a simple "echo" of the Cuban-Venezuelan struggles and i higly respect the bloggers that wrote consistently on the matter.

But recently i have an eclatant increase on my visits, pushing my stats and my resources to the limit.

In Agust 2007 i had 20.000 visits with a daily media of 500 visits,
In September 2007 i had 47.000 visits with a daily media of 1,200 visits,
in october 2007 i counted 196,000, with an astounding media of 7,000 visits.
Total, more than 450,000 visits in 3 months, 380,000 unique visitors, and more than 590,000 pages loaded.

There are my personal Google Analytics stats, along with the alexa official chart, compared to the leader, Babalu, on the same timewindow (15 sept- 15 november).

I repeat, we are not in a race, it's just to keep you informed...




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