giovedì, gennaio 11, 2007

Hypocrisy at work: Shock in China over Saddam's hanging - International Herald Tribune

'The United States considers itself the patriarch of the world,' it wrote. 'Whenever someone doesn't please its eyes or obey its words, it will use its own ways to punish them, imposing sanctions or using force.'

The USA ARE POSITIVELY the patriarch of the world; i accept this patriarchate because is the only force able to detain criminals and gangsters to prevail.
UNFORTUNATELY, they seems to poorly active in his own courtyard, where the most relevant antiamerican community is more active.
Miopy or or inanity seems to be the prevalent, at least in the LatinaAmerica contestwhere a well organized force is taking ALL THE POWER.

Chavez is not a Venezuelan problem anymore, is a global problem, as ALL OF US WAS was advicing for many years back.