mercoledì, gennaio 10, 2007

Damas de Blanco acuden a los pobres - Stefania by freethoughs

Asha scrive:
I veri angeli sono a Cuba, ma il nostro angelo e' in contatto con loro: grazie Stefania.

Martha Beatriz sent the following photos, showing the delivery of products to poor Cubans by the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society. The products are sent by the exiled groups based in Miami. Please, notice - in all these photos I am sending you - how the people are not afraid of signing opposition documents, nor to reveal their names, even though they may risk jail or high fines. This shows once again that the Cuban people today is growing sympathetic of the opposition, despite all efforts by the regime to discredite it. This is the true Cuban people, not those who participate to the infamous repudiation acts.

Copy of the Assembly document signed by the recipients of the aid.

Una residente, muy contenta por lo que recibio de la Asemblea.

Former political prisoner and independent librarian Miguel Vazquez Tamayo delivers products to the poor lady, which signs the above document.

Another resident receives the products

He signs the Assembly document confirming that he has received the items.

These man and his daughter asked to go to a photo reporter's house. They said they feel ashamed to show the bad condition they live in.