martedì, maggio 18, 2010

Venezuela News And Views: Weil on La Carolina

Venezuela News And Views: Weil on La Carolina
Chavez, doing a TV pass to La Carolina during his last Sunday show Alo Presidente:
"We are going now to La Carolina"
The kid wet from the pool:
"We are very happy. When do we get to expropriate your farm?"
(with the adequate familiarity and accent)

To understand this fully you need to realize that the Chavez clan properties in Barinas are way, way larger than the farm of Diego Arria whose land was occupied mostly by mountain side of no agricultural value except for some coffee grove. In other words, if the law justifies the robbery of the Diego Arria farm it should then have already taken away the much larger estates of the Chavez clan in Barinas.

Need we say more?