domenica, ottobre 05, 2008

Venezuela News And Views: peligroso como venezolano con carné

Venezuela News And Views: Venezolano con carné: the latest on the "valija gate":
In Venezuela we have an expression, 'peligroso como venezolano con carné', slang for as dangerous as a Venezuelan with a badge. That is, as a people WE LOVE to carry badges with us around and we LOVE EVEN MORE to use and abuse them. Not for us the words of Woody Allen 'I would never belong to a club that wants me as a member'. No, noooo.... here, we belong somewhere, at all cost, preferably with the group perceived as the winner. We root for Brazil in soccer, we buy brand X because we have been convinced that most people buy that brand, we will do anything to be allowed inside club Z even if we hate the music played there, we vote for Chavez because he is going to win. People like me that found themselves in the 10% minority of the referendum of 1999 are looked upon with amused contempt, almost pity. Originality does not pay in Venezuela. I suppose it is the remains of our tribal origins...